Hamster GoldFind 2 & 3

GoldFind 3:
GoldFind ist ab der Version 3 kein reines Hamster-Tool mehr, sondern hat viel mehr Eingabequellen:
  • Hamster-News (Direkt)
  • Hamster-Mails
  • OLE
  • (Unix-)MBOX
  • NNTP
  • POP3
Das direkte Laden der News aus der Hamster-Datenbank laesst neue Probleme entstehen. Insbesondere hat Hamster es nicht umbedingt gerne, daß man in seiner Datenbank herumarbeitet. Es sind aber bisher noch keine realen Probleme aufgetreten.
GoldFind 3 (3.1.7) ist noch im Alpha-Status.
Edit 15.07.2008: Hui, nach 6 Jahren habe ich mit vier Tagen intensiven Entwickelns die Versionen GoldFind 3.1 und 3.1.1 fertiggestellt. Damit ist das Programm nun deutlich weiter, aber auf jeden Fall immer noch vollkommen ohne Gewaehr (das wird auch so bleiben :-)).
Edit 16.07.2017: Weitere 9 Jahre, und nun habe ich den SourceCode auf GitHub hochgeladen.

Featurewünsche, Bugreports und so weiter werden nur noch für GoldFind 3 angenommen. GoldFind 2 in der hier vorhandenen Fassung hat zwar noch bekannte Bugs, doch es wird keinen Fix mehr für ihn geben.
Für Hamster-Playground-Benutzer ist es ratsam das zugehörige HamFind www.elbiah.de zu benutzen. Momentan ist es bei Statistiken auch deutlich schneller, als GoldFind 3.
GoldFind 2:
GoldFind ist ein Tool zum erstellen von Statistiken und zum durchsuchen der Hamster-News-Datenbank basierend auf AgtFind. Dabei benutzt GoldFind 2 die OLE-Schnittstelle des Hamsters. Viele Probleme, die dadurch entstehen, können nicht umgangen werden.
In der Dokumentation zu GoldFind 2 habe ich auch explizit geschrieben, dass es ein einziger Workaround ist...
GoldFind 2 wird von mir nicht mehr weiter entwickelt.

Den Sourcecode meiner damalige Version habe ich am 16.07.2017 auf GitHub hochgeladen.

Eine neue Version mit erweiterter Statistik (neue Newsreader werden in der Statistik unterstuetzt) von GoldFind 2 von Miroslav Sabljic ist erhaeltlich unter:
GoldFind.zip (570 kB)

GoldFind 2 (last public version)
GoldFind 3.1 (alpha)
GoldFind 3.1.1 (alpha)
GoldFind 3.1.2 (alpha)
GoldFind 3.1.3 (alpha)
GoldFind 3.1.4 (alpha)
GoldFind 3.1.5 (alpha)
GoldFind 3.1.6 (alpha)
GoldFind 3.1.7 (alpha)
GoldFind 3.1.8 (alpha)
GoldFind 3.1.9 (xx.xx.xxxx)
  - Bug: The yellow marked searched words are not 100% OK (RegExp?).
  - Bug: Menu "Open MBox" gives hamster.ini

  - ToDo: Progressbar for "find"...
          Progressbars: Cancel-Button is not everywhere functional
  - ToDo: Able to disable date-window...
          Save and use  days (???).
          Find a good component to get the date-window.
             (e.g. with a calendar marking date-window or perhaps also 
              some days)
  - Todo: Load/Save information which graph (line/bar/...) is used.

  - ToDo: Save last Groupselection... (class+BasePaths?)
          --> Think of it! See GoldFind 2
          Use in InitPathTree (i.e. after configuration, too)
  - Todo: PopUp-Menu for group-tree, e.g. for "open groupS"
  - Idea: Automatism of GoldFind
     source, ng-list, [g[web]-]statistic, file, params

  - Idea: Mehrere MBoxe auswählen zum öffnen.
          Read in Mozilla-folder-format

  - ToDo: strg+f in memos (article+statistic)
          (in RX: additional marks? (neon-blue?)
  - ToDo: Focussed-color may be wrong (windows-standard need to be)
  - ToDo: Show "source" (caption) of result at search.
      a) Source (Pfad/Caption)
      b) NG
      c) ...
      -> Konfigurierbarkeit welche Spalten angezeigt werden sollen.

  - Idea: Complete redesign of search. Faster, easier, better. 
          (See Becky "ctrl+h")
  - Idea: First small change: or, and and not in three edit fields.
  - Idea: Statistics about search-result. (URKS, much to change :( )
  - Idea: In Incremental search "strg" & "shift" 
          as modifier (newsgroup-"hdt"-thing or so)
          Problem: Group may be doubled

  - Idea: Fileformat "The Bat" may be readable.

  - Long: Better/Real unicode-support (UTF-8: RFC 2279)
  - Long: An own dialog for OLE if present. You could delete/...
          Therefor you do not need OLE-HamNews.
         -> PopUp-Menu of group tree to go to
  - Long: IMAP - if I have ever MUCH MUCH time...

GoldFind 3.1.8 (24.08.2008)
  - Add: Option for group-parter: [Statistics]GroupParter=1
  - Add: Information of build in "Abput..."
  - Add: DblClick on Treeview expands tree now.
  - Chg: Threading/Treeview MUCH MUCH faster now. 
         Now it is usable with 450k articles...
  - Chg: Bad dates are shown in graph only if existent.
  - Chg: Search+Config-Dialog are now autosized. They may work 
         with big fonts now, but I did not test it...
  - Chg: "Draw as pie" deleted, cause no one needs it and it 
         kills 3d-View.
  - Fix: Now in "0: Header" the yellow marked searched words are right.
  - Fix: Configdialog, Help: Not scrollbar is shown.
  - Fix: Configdialog, DBs: Now first database (HamsterHere) 
         can not be deleted or changed anymore, it is a very special one!
  - Fix: Configdialog, DBs: Button "Path" now is functional.
  - Fix: Last number and "Bad dates" of statistics "Message per Day" 
         and "Message per Month(old)" were wrong. "Bad dates" was
         an random number and the last number was the true "Bad dates".
  - Fix: Alt now goes to menu again. You got to toolbar.
         Therefor I needed to switch off "caption" in toolbar...
         Don't ask me why it works like this only.
  - Fix: Images in toolbar are now right. (ImageList can't handle 
         more images than 36).

  - Bug: The yellow marked searched words are not 100% OK (RegExp?).
  - Bug: Menu "Open MBox" gives hamster.ini

GoldFind 3.1.7 (12.08.2008)
  - Add: NEW NEW NEW Configuration dialog. Please test it out!
  - Add: Now multipart (MIME) messages are parted and every 
         part can be shown seperately... (it is more a fix than add ;-))
  - Add: chm-File now supported, added to .zip and started as online help.
         THX to Joachim Reiter!
         Yet it does not contain configuration.
  - Add: (Last)  Days are actualized on changing dates in From/To
  - Add: Information of found articles is shown in statusbar now.
  - Add: Support for POP3.
  - Chg: Tabs (Text/Graphics) of statistics are now on top.
  - Fix: Background-Color of chars in Article-View was not Windows-
         Standard, but clWhite. Corrected.

  - Bug: The image of "Treeview" in toolbar is wrong. In my Delphi it
         is shown correctly... don't ask me why.
  - Bug: In Header-View the yellow marked searched words are 
         not on right position (at least with trivialsearch).

GoldFind 3.1.6 (10.08.2008)
  - Add: Tipp in beginning characters in group-treelist 
         and search for the group.
  - Add: First documentation by Joachim Reiter (THX!)
  - Add: Progressbar for "threading".
  - Add: Fonts of GroupTree/ArticleList are now loaded from ini.
  - Add: Selection of Articles/Statistics is saved in ini now.
  - Add: Now hints are shown on groups too long for view.
  - Add: All labels in main window have a focus control and a
         key labeld for set the focus.
  - Add: RAW-Article-View (perhaps even undecoded).
  - Add: Toolbar-3D-Chart-Button now has an image.
  - Chg: WindowState, Left/Top and internal sizes are now saved 
         in configuration.
  - Chg: Taborders set. In main windows enter (#13) and esc (#27) 
         are used to "DoubleClick" and set focus further.
  - Chg: OLE: Small internal things 
         (no double CoUnitilize, OLEVariant instead of Variant)
  - Fix: Statistic "Message per hour": "Bad Dates" was added even 
         if it was 0.
  - Fix: Sometimes the window was not repainted after end of 

GoldFind 3.1.5 (21.07.2008)
  - Add: GoldFind.ini now works (like charm :-))
         No dialogs for now, not everything is done in ini.
  - Chg: Internal additions for configuration.
  - Fix: cPCRE.pas now works completely,
         in Header-Statistics regular expression were damaged...

GoldFind 3.1.4 (20.07.2008)
  - Add: Some internal things for configurations.
  - Add: Sorting of ArticleList now permanent and shown.
  - Chg: Some internal things in find.
  - Chg: Find-Dialog redesigned.
  - Chg: Some smaller things in view.
  - Chg: Double DoubleClick reloads the group now.
  - Fix: The find did not show the result... damn stupidity.
  - Fix: QuickFix for the TreeView of ArticleList

GoldFind 3.1.3 (19.07.2008)
  - Add: Select All and Copy (Ctrl+a and Ctrl+c).
  - Add: Button "Last" sets the actual day for "to" and now-days for "from.
  - Add: Out of "find" the cancel-Button in Progress should work now
  - Chg: On Selecting all children are selected, too.
  - Chg: Underlying RegExp-Engine. ToDo: Normal search on old one.
  - Fix: Statistics: Sometimes the text could not get focus.
         Now you can switch between text and graph on any statistic,
         and the text can get focus, too.
  - Fix: On find it did not check wether selected things are "real" 
         datasources or only for the view.

  - Bug: Do the "find" work at all? Right way?
         The code is something "strange", the results too.

GoldFind 3.1.2 (18.07.2008)
  - Add: Chart can be shown in own (floating) window (fullscreen)
         So the graphs are bigger to export.
  - Add: On statistical page you can do them for "x Days" now.
  - Add: On both GroupTree and ArticleList you can use keyboard now,
         on GroupTree Enter (#13) is used to open the group in 
  - Add: Statistics/Graph: "Header: *" added. Only HorizBars is useful.
  - Chg: Statistics: "Header: *" internal changed
  - Chg: Statistics: No black color anymore
  - Chg: On statistics-page all items are shown (and rearranged) now.
         They are disabled if I need to.
  - Chg: Articles is filled only on double click with focussed item
  - Fix: GoldFinds articleslist was not stable. This is not anymore.

GoldFind 3.1.1 (17.07.2008)
  - Add: Progressbars in some parts
  - Add: Support for Hamster OLE again
  - Add: Statistics Path* now working again (new implemented)
  - Chg: Some "fine" things around chart, statistics and so on
  - Chg: Statistics: "Messages per ..." are faster on NNTP now
         and a bit slower on others...
  - Fix: Find/Co would not give correct output on NNTP
  - Fix: Statistics: DAU Jones ;-) was not 100% compatible
  - Fix: SeaMonkey and other Mozillas reordered.
  - Fix: Small bug of Message per Month/per Day (last month ommited)

GoldFind 3.1 (15.07.2008)
  - Add: License file
  - Add: Many things at statistics (compared to 3.0)
  - Add: Support for graphs
  - Add: Many things for the graph (click with right mousebutton on it!)
  - Chg: Added Miroslav' newsreaders and some more

  - Known unsupported: Statistics of paths
  - Perhaps wanna do again later: OLE

GoldFind 3.0.x.y (Til March 2002)
  - Complete new code-basis
  - Support for NNTP, MBox, Hamster-News, Hamster-Mails
  - Treeview
  - New Looking
  - New internal things
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